Apr 24, 2018  
American University Catalog 2017-2018 
American University Catalog 2017-2018


Chair  Candice Nelson
Graduate Academic Advising  Robert Briggs
Undergraduate Academic Advising  Nathan Williamson (Director of Undergraduate Advising), Ashley Dorsey, Tyler Poling
Graduate Program Director  Matthew Wright
Undergraduate Program Director  Jeremy Janow

Full-Time Faculty

Professor Emeritus  J. Fishel, J.J. Hanus, M. Meadows, M.P. Walker
Distinguished Professor  J.A. Thurber
Jonathan N. Helfat Distinguished Professor of Political Science  K. O'Connor
Professor  D. Barker, T.A. Eisenstadt, J. Gill, E. Hershberg, G. Ivers, J. Lawless, J. Leighley, W.M. LeoGrande, D. Lublin, P. Manuel, C.J. Nelson
Associate Professor Emeritus/a  C.A. DeGregorio, R.A. Lane
Associate Professor  A. LeBas, A. Levine, J. Lu, T. Merrill, S. Newman, D. Singerman, P.L. Sykes, S. Taylor, M. Wright
Assistant Professor  K. Cowell-Meyers, C. Edelson, G.B. Flanagan, S. Glover, R.T. Moore, E. Sherman, E. Suhay
Professorial Lecturer  S.L. Houser, J. Janow, J. Quirk, L. Schwartz
Executive in Residence  B. Fischer Martin

The Department of Government makes use of the opportunities available from its location in the nation's capital for the teaching and study of political science and public affairs.

The department's undergraduate program focuses on government and public affairs as an aspect of a broad liberal arts education. It prepares the student for an enlightened role in national, community, and world affairs. This program can lead to a career in public affairs or any private or not-for-profit area that deals with the growing interrelationship between the public and private sectors. It also provides a solid and comprehensive foundation for the student who plans to pursue further education before entering a career in politics or public affairs, governmental administration, law, teaching, or research.

The graduate program is designed to prepare students for academic or professional careers in public affairs or policy analysis. The Political Science (MA)  and Political Science (PhD)  programs are flexible in order to meet the educational needs of a diverse student population.


    Major Program (UG)Minor (UG)Certificate (UG)Master's Program (GR)Certificate (GR)Doctoral Program (GR)