STAT-302 Intermediate Statistics (3)

This course builds on the basic tools of data analysis and methods of statistical inference. The course analyzes data from designed experiments and observational studies, formulates questions and interprets the results in the context of the statistical problem of interest. Emphasis is placed on determining the appropriate statistical model, understanding the assumptions of the model, assessing whether the data satisfies the assumptions, and improving the model if necessary. Topics covered include two‐sample t‐tests, nonparametric procedures, analysis of variance, and linear and logistic regression. Statistical software is integrated into the course for exploration, analysis, and demonstration of concepts. AU Core Foundation: Quantitative Literacy I. AU Core Integrative Requirement: Quantitative Literacy II. Usually Offered: fall and spring. Prerequisite: STAT-202  or STAT-203  with a grade of C or higher. Restriction: Registration not allowed in both STAT-302 and STAT-320 . Note: Students may not receive credit toward a degree for both STAT-302 and STAT-320 . Completion with C or better fulfills only Quantitative Literacy I or Quantitative Literacy II requirement, not both.

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