ANTH-215 Sex, Gender, and Culture FA3 (3)

This course explores the role of sex, gender, and sexuality in shaping our lives and our world. Sex, gender, and sexuality are critical components of every aspect of societies globally. Yet, there is nothing inevitable or "natural" about the roles that sex, gender, and sexuality play in a society and in people's lives. Students will examine the multiple, fluid, changeable, ambiguous, and contradictory ways people around the world experience sex, gender, and sexuality. Readings will draw on peoples and cultures around the world with emphasis on non-normative sexualities and genders. Case studies will include gender fluidity, patriarchy and sexism, feminism, LGBTQI+ communities, trans, power, inequality, kinship, religion, the military, and the material effects of sex, gender, and sexuality. AU Core Habits of Mind: Cultural Inquiry. AU Core Integrative Requirement: Diversity and Equity. Usually Offered: fall, spring, and summer.

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