KSB-688 Consulting Practicum (3)

As a practicum, this experiential learning opportunity enables student teams, under the supervision of a faculty supervisor, to serve as consultants to organizations to create new ideas, prepare project and business plans, and solve problems, all at the strategic level. These teams work closely with client management to define and analyze difficult organizational, new product/business and competitive problems, and make recommendations for action. Students develop a deeper understanding of consulting as well as the interdependence of functional areas. They also improve their teamwork and communication skills. Students and the faculty supervisor meet regularly with the management of the client organization to develop a detailed Statement of Work and provide updates on progress through touch points during the semester. Following completion of necessary research and data analyses, the team submits a written report and makes a presentation of its recommendations to the management of the company. Crosslist: MGMT-688 . Restriction: minimum 3.3 GPA. Permission: instructor. Note: Enrollment is limited and selection is on a competitive basis. Applicants must submit a resumé to the instructor for approval to register.

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