SIS-650 Economic Globalization and Development Alternatives (3)

A critical inquiry into economic globalization (trade, investment, aid, debt); its impact on Third World development; and policy alternatives that are socially, environmentally, and economically just. The course covers the evolution of approaches by civil society organizations (grassroots groups, labor unions, global environmental NGOs, social movements) toward corporate accountability, as well as initiatives by corporations and governments. Policy alternatives analyzed include corporate codes of conduct, and trade agreements that incorporate labor and environmental rights. Students develop a toolkit of local, national, and global policy alternatives to reshape development paths to meet the needs of the majority while protecting ecosystems. Benefitting from decades of practitioner experience, the course builds on a wide range of views from academics, social movement leaders, government officials, and corporate executives. Prerequisite/Concurrent: SIS-636 , SIS-637 , or SIS-649 

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