SISU-312 Governance, Development, and Security in Asia (3)

This course compares economic development strategies of the East Asian developmental states (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore) and the more recent export-led growth models of Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. All cases have in common strong government intervention in their economies and strong export promotion policies. The differences in global economic conditions have led scholars to assert that the developmental state model is no longer viable. This course investigates what created the economic miracles of China and Vietnam, and earlier Malaysia, and whether the basic principles of the developmental state model still apply; is state intervention obsolete, possible, or necessary in the twenty-first century global economy. The class then contrasts the East and Southeast Asian models with India, an emerging economy and one that in the past was seen as a failed developmental state, and concludes by trying to find lessons with wider applicability for developing countries. Grading: A-F only. Prerequisite: SISU-206  and SISU-210 .

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