ITEC-320 Business Analytics (3)

Analytics is the process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions. It involves specifying a question, problem, or decision and finding the right answers using data. The process begins with identifying the appropriate data sources (internal and/or external, structured and/or unstructured), and the appropriate models, tools, and methods for analysis. Two areas of analytics are covered in this course: descriptive analytics examines historical data and identifies and reports historical patterns and trends, while predictive analytics predicts future trends and outcomes and discovers new relationships. Students are introduced to models, tools, and methods that are commonly used in each area of analytics. They develop skills in analytics that allow them to present data-driven solutions to problems in different business disciplines and functions. The course emphasizes model development and use of software tools to manage, report, and analyze data to achieve the best outcomes for a business. AU Core Integrative Requirement: Quantitative Literacy II. Prerequisite: ITEC-200  and STAT-204 .

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