ITEC-660 Business Intelligence (3)

Top global companies regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant patterns and changes in their business environments and markets, even though the data related to these decisions is available. Business Intelligence (BI) connects data from multiple sources to produce meaningful information and identify patterns and trends to inform such decisions. BI encompasses the methodologies, metrics, processes, and information systems used to monitor and manage an enterprise's business performance and support strategic decision-making. BI systems encompass a blend of technologies such as data warehousing, data mining, business analytics, predictive statistics, online analytical processing, and visual data representations (e.g., dashboards, data cubes), which when put together, provide decision makers with the most powerful business insights derived from multiple internal and external data sources. This course exposes students to the management practices, methodologies, and technologies that major corporations are applying in order to supply executives with the knowledge needed to succeed. The course includes readings, case studies, guest speakers, exposure to BI tools, and a data analytics project. Crosslist: ITEC-460 . Prerequisite: ITEC-610 .

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