ENVS-454 Geographic Information Systems (3)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools for managing, describing, analyzing, and communicating spatial data. This course introduces the concepts and components of a GIS. It also teaches the essential skills of operating a functional GIS through the use of the ArcGIS Pro software package. By completing this course, students understand the operational processes of spatial data acquisition, editing, metadata development, geodatabase design, spatial query, spatial analysis, and cartographic presentation. Students are also exposed to Google Earth and common open source GIS tools, as well as the basic concepts of remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS). AU Core Integrative Requirement: Quantitative Literacy II. Crosslist: ENVS-654 . Usually Offered: fall and spring. Prerequisite: completion of Quantitative Literacy I  requirement and completion of Written Communication and Information Literacy I  requirement.

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