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    American University
    Feb 29, 2024  
American University Catalog 2023-2024 
American University Catalog 2023-2024



Chair  David Kearns

Full-Time Faculty

Professor  A.H. Ahrens, M. Carter, K.C. Gunthert, A.F. Haaga, L.M. Juliano, D. Kearns, Z.F. Peynircioglu, A.G. Shapiro, J. Tubman, B.T. Yates
Associate Professor  N. Caporino, B.D. Fantie, N. Herr
Assistant Professor  A. Coyne, N. Lorenzo
Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer  M. Gomez-Serrano
Senior Professorial Lecturer  L.L. Duval, N. Enchautegui-de-Jesus
Professorial Lecturer  J. Beekman, E. Hart

Emeriti Faculty

Professor Emeritus/a   J.J. Gray, B.W. McCarthy, E.M. McGinnies, S.R. Parker, B. Slotnick
Associate Professor Emeritus/a  C.S. Weissbrod

Department Overview

The undergraduate program in the Department of Psychology offers the student an opportunity to appreciate psychology’s diversity and its applications. Courses are offered in clinical, social, personality, developmental, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory. Advanced topics courses in these and related areas are often available. Students may design programs that approach psychology as a social science, a natural science, or a combination of the two. During their junior and senior years, majors are encouraged to take small, specialized seminars and engage in internship experience with community mental health agencies and in ongoing research within and outside the department. Students should work with their faculty advisors in planning their schedules, internship, and research experiences. The program is sufficiently flexible and broad to satisfy career goals and to provide a solid background for graduate study. The Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience (PhD)  is an integrative doctoral program with faculty from multiple departments.


Washington, DC Veterans Administration Hospital; Baltimore Veterans Administration Hospital; St. Elizabeth’s Hospital; Department of Pediatrics, Georgetown University Hospital; Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore; Children’s Hospital; George Washington University Medical Center; Alexandria Community Mental Health Center; Woodburn Center for Community Mental Health; National Institutes of Health; National Institute on Drug Abuse; Uniformed Services University; American Association of Suicidology; American Psychological Association; Association for Psychological Science; Psychiatric Institute of Washington; and St. Luke’s House.

Honors in Psychology

The Honors in Psychology  program allows students the opportunity to plan and execute psychological research; learn to ethically conduct research; acquire advanced skills in research methodology; and demonstrate the ability to disseminate research.


    Major Program (UG)Minor (UG)Master’s Program (GR)Doctoral Program (GR)