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    Mar 24, 2023  
American University Catalog 2022-2023 
American University Catalog 2022-2023

Kogod Honors

The Kogod School of Business  Kogod Honors program is designed for our most talented and ambitious students who desire to use business as a force for meaningful change. Students in the program take Honors-designated courses from a selection of our required core courses. These sections have substantively more depth and are designed to develop a professional mindset, creative problem solving and analytical thinking. Additionally, Honors students participate in extracurricular programming that helps them enhance their leadership, communication, and networking skills.

Admission to the Program

Students receive an invitation from Kogod’s Office of Undergraduate Programs to apply on completion of 30-45 credit hours.

Students seeking admission to the program must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher and a major GPA of 3.67 or higher. Criteria for admission include: curiosity, strong academic background, and the maturity to be part of the leadership development and mentoring components of the program. In addition to superior academic performance, students seeking admission to the program should demonstrate a professional maturity in and out of the classroom as well as exhibit a strong engagement in extracurricular activities, particularly in Kogod.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum 9 credit hours of Kogod Honors coursework
    • Minimum 6 credit hours in Kogod Honors-designated core coursework
    • 3 credit hours in Kogod Honors-designated capstone coursework
  • Participation in:
    • Engagement activities in each semester of the Honors residency that earns four points in each non-capstone semester and two points in the capstone semester
    • At least one value-added experiential activity (e.g. Kogod Case Competition)
  • To remain enrolled in the Kogod Honors program, students must earn:
    • Minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA
  • To graduate with the Kogod Honors designation, students must earn:

Course Requirements

Business Core (6 credit hours)

Complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in Kogod Honors-designated coursework from the following:

Honors Capstone (3 credit hours)

Complete 3 credit hours in Kogod Honors-designated coursework from the following: