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    Apr 17, 2024  
American University Catalog 2015-2016 
American University Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Librarians with Full-Time Faculty Status

Becher, Melissa L. (1996), BA, Oberlin College; MSLS, University of Illinois; Associate Librarian
Borchardt, Rachel (2009), BA, Oberlin College; MLIS, University of Pittsburgh; Assistant Librarian
Dulaney, Christine Korytnyk (2010), BA, The State University of New York at Buffalo; MA, University of Virginia; MLS, The University of Chicago; Associate Librarian
Fernandez, Michael (2015), BA, The College of William and Mary; MLS, University of North Carolina; Assistant Librarian
Ghouse, Nikhat J. (2014), BA, Cleveland State University; MLIS, University of Pittsburgh; Assistant Librarian
Heywood, John Q. (1987), BS, Northern Arizona University; JD, Washington College of Law of American University; Associate Law Librarian
Ho, Clement (2002), BA, BA, MA, MLIS, University of Alberta; Associate Librarian
Hodges, Alex R. (2003), BA, University of Florida; MLS, University of Maryland; Associate Librarian
Ivey, Olivia H. (2012), BA, The University of Georgia; MSLS, University of Maryland; Assistant Librarian
Jefferson, Derrick N. (2013), BA, San Diego State University; MA, Art Center College of Design; MLIS, Louisiana State University; Assistant Librarian
Kaufman, Billie Jo (2003), BS, MS, Indiana University; JD, Nova University; Professor of Law, Law Librarian and Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources
Kramer, Stefan (2013), BA, California State University, Fullerton; MLS, University of Washington; Associate Librarian
Lewis, Christopher (1992), BA, University of Cincinnati; MLS, Indiana University; Associate Librarian
Lewis, Susan J. (1999), BA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD, Southwestern University; MLibr, University of Washington; Law Librarian
Marien, Stacey (1999), BA, McGill University; MBA, University of Massachusetts at Boston; MLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Associate Librarian
Matos, Michael A. (2007), BA, University of Maryland; MA, MLIS, Florida State University; Assistant Librarian
Matsuoka, Nobue (2006), BM, Loyola University; MM, Southern Methodist University; MLIS, Louisiana State University; Associate Librarian
Mintz, Mary M. (1984), BA, Davidson College; MA, North Carolina State University; MSLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Associate Librarian
Mirkin, Sima (2003), BSc, Byelorussian Polytechnic Institute; MLS, University of Maryland; Associate Law Librarian
Mundt, Alayne L. (2010), BA, University of Oregon; MS, Simmons College; Assistant Librarian
Overmier, Jenise Rene (2014), BA, University of Montana; MA, The University of Texas; Assistant Librarian
Reece, Gwendolyn Jayne (1998), BA, Miami University; MA, University of California, Santa Barbara; MS, Simmons College; PhD, American University; Associate Librarian
Ryan, William (1990), BA, Boston University; MLS, University of Maryland; JD, Washington College of Law of American University; Law Librarian
Shapiro, Martin P. (1990), BA, University of Missouri; MA, University of Kansas; MLS, University of Pittsburgh; Associate Librarian
Taylor, Amy (2011) BA, Rhodes College, MSLS, The Catholic University of America; JD, University of Alabama; Associate Law Librarian
Weistling, Ripple L. (2007), BA, Brandeis University; MA, King’s College; JD, Georgetown University; Assistant Law Librarian
Wen, Wanhong (2014), BA, Hunan Normal University; MS, University of South Carolina; Associate Law Librarian